Ultimate Marble Medium, 9ml (3pk)

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Use with Ultimate Paint to create beautiful marble effects on wood, paper, unglazed clay, leather, and more! Works best on porous surfaces. Simply mix with water, drip paint on mixture, marble, and dip your pieces for amazing results!

Add ¼ tsp to 1 cup warm water in a covered jar. Shake vigorously until smoothly mixed. Add 1 additional cup of warm water and shake lightly until smooth. Let sit until clear (30 minutes or overnight.) Pour into a tray or bowl. Smaller containers work best for smaller projects. Drip a generous amount of paint close to the surface, into marbling medium. Create desired pattern. Dip piece into mixture (dipping techniques vary.) Tap off excess liquid. Let dry (drying time varies depending upon substrate.)

Seal with resin or glaze if desired.

To use marble medium with metal blanks or bezels: follow the above instructions. Dip paper surfaces into marble solution. Let dry. Iron with medium heat if desired. Cut shape from the paper sheet. Glue into bezel or onto the blank. Seal with Ultimate Glaze, UV Resin or decoupage medium.

Ultimate Marble is plant based.